13.82 billion years ago, the vacuum felt a little empty and decided to push out a spontaneous emission, just to let everyone know, that it is still there.

The overall symmetry was upset, threw a hissy fit and broke down. This moment was later credited to someone often called “God”, while it was more less, just the vacuum clearing its throat.

With the symmetry in shambles, particles and anti particles rushed into a fight and blew themselves up and ended up beeing the backgroud radiation all across the entire universe.

Some smarter particles got away and startet enjoying the lower and lower temperatures of this infant universe. Finally they bonded, build tiny homes for themselves and the atom was finally born. These early atoms were mostly singles in their own way. Meaning with one tiny proton guarded only by also one small electron.

Feeling lonely again, they decided to listen to gravity and got really attached one to another. More and more of these atoms joined these intimate clubs and couldn’t help starting to fuse. While fusing their children became twice as big and could hold two happy protons.